Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Truth Is

This has certainly been an interesting week!! I haven't posted in a while, so I will try to get back on the bandwagon (hmmm...where did that phrase come from originally? John, any ideas?) in the posting game again.

I have been wondering about the word "truth." What does truth really mean? If someone actually believes something wholeheartedly, without doubt or reservation, does that make it truth? If someone doesn't agree with that viewpoint, does that make it not the truth? Either direction is cause for concern. No one person can ever have a "truthful" thought without someone, somewhere disagreeing in some form or fashion. If that is the case, then wouldn't you have your own doubts about the validity of your "truth?" We can be so easily swayed by a good argument. Not necessarily the truth in the argument, but by someone who claims to have the answers, the truth, but in reality falls quite short. BUT...they put on a good show, they are convincing, and if they do have doubts, they never show it.

And then I think of the snake in the Garden of Eden. The snake claims to have the truth. He presents it in a convincing manner. So convincingly as a matter of fact, that Eve and then Adam follow. But does that make it the "truth?" The snake was convinced. Or was he? Maybe he knew it wasn't the truth, but to give validity to the life he was living he had to convince himself it simply was the truth. His life would have no meaning otherwise.

So the question is, do you know people who live like the snake does? Those convinced that they have the only truth and are determined to tell the world about it, regardless of the consequences. Believing that something is the truth doesn't make it the truth. But maybe that is where faith comes in. I'll leave that for another discussion.

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