Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Creative Barriers

My wife sent me this link yesterday.

While I consider myself an eternal optimist, there are days when I feel like my creativity is non-existent. That's not a good thing if your job depends on it!

I love the viewpoint brought out in the article - sometimes we need to be drained creatively. There are many times that God wants us at the bottom to remind us how good we have it at the top (not to mention all the time in between). It's in those times that our creativity is renewed. The amazing thing is that we surpass the barriers that restricted us in the first place - barriers that would never have been broken otherwise.

I'll be blogging about creative strategies and what has worked for me in the past and present.

As for the future, what inspires you? What raises your creativity level?

Let's get the discussion rolling...


Matt said...

I am creatively 'dead' this week... Food helps with my creativity :) Guess I better eat A LOT before next week!!

Mel said...

This might sound crazy, but a lot of times when I'm "stuck" creatively I'll dream something that helps spark my imagination. It's helped me out of several dry spells. Like I said, I know it sounds crazy but it works!!

Michael Goldsmith said...

Matt - I love food as well. Especially desserts!

Mel - do I happen to appear in those "dreams?" :)