Monday, October 20, 2008

Hickory Dickory...Canyon!

I'm not sure where the weekend has gone. Blink once. Blink twice. Boom. It's now after midnight and we're already into Monday. Does the world actually move faster the older you get?

Melissa, Emilee and I spent the afternoon at Hickory Canyon park near Farmington, MO on Saturday. A nice place, although it's really just a wide spot in the road and one might miss it if not careful. The "canyons" are on both sides - one trail of 1/2 mile and the other of 1 mile. Both trails are incredibly beautiful with horizontal bluffs and craggy creeks made for walking.

The Fall season typically finds dry creek beds, but you can imagine the rush of water during a thawing Spring day. There seemed to be multiple spots where waterfalls once roamed and one in particular on a gorgeous drop of nearly 30 feet. We can't wait to visit again next Spring. A word of caution however...bring shoes you don't mind getting wet. While the creek beds were mostly dry, there were definitely spots of oozing mud and small pools of water.

A beautiful park spent with some beautiful people on a beautiful Fall day.

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Ren said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I'm certain time is going by faster. It has to be. My weekend was like a breath and now it's gone. Your not the only one whose time is in 6th gear!!!! Love you guys bunches.