Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Firebird: In the Beginning

Today seems to be an appropriate day to renew something that is close to my heart. I've been contemplating when to post to this blog again, and on the day when He is risen, I have decided to kindle the passionate and spirited voice that resides within my soul. Where this is headed could be anyone's guess, but God is in control and I know He'll lead me in the right direction.

I've heard several good messages this past weekend (and many other weekends), been reading a LOT and have had (of course) much on my mind for the past eight and a half months. For those familiar with my journey I will begin to fill you in on the missing chapters. For those of you new to this adventure, I invite you to sit back, keep your mind and heart open, and be prepared for some challenging thoughts (maybe just challenging to me...who knows?).

I invite your thoughts and comments, and as always, I hope some engaging dialogue is at hand.

Grace and peace...


Anonymous said...

the best is yet to come... 8)

Mel said...

About time...I love you and I love reading your thoughts. I know God is going to lay some amazing thoughts on your heart. I have watched you be respectful and quiet and patient. You've learned a lot these last 8 months and I think words can be very powerful in helping you process the journey. And like Matt said....the best is yet to come!!!

(Somehow I posted on Seth's blogger account so I deleted it and tried again!!)