Friday, December 23, 2005

Life Is Great...and I hope it is for you also!

Two days before Christmas. Where has this year gone? I don't know about you, but 2005 has seemed like a blur. Not that a lot hasn't happened - it has. Maybe so much has happened that I can't really remember it all. Memory is a funny thing. I heard a discussion the other day that the best memory recall is when you don't have many distractions in life. No wonder I can't remember a darn thing!! Remember this - remember that. Don't forget the kids. Don't forget to tell so and so about that. Maybe one of those voice activated recorders will help. Who knows.

So this week we have had four gatherings at Meadow Heights Church. We have had a lot of positive feedback about having our gatherings during the week and spending the weekend with family. And then we have had a few complaints about taking Jesus out of "Christmas Day" etc. I know the debate is starting to dwindle, or at least the last few days the topic has lost momentum. Christmas. Holiday. So much debate about a title instead of a lifestyle. Don't even get me started on the true "birth date" of Jesus. We could go on and on. Who really cares what you call it?

I realized today (I took me long enough) that I too have lost the true meaning of Christmas in my hustle and bustle. It hit me that I wouldn't be living the life I have now without the grace and love of Jesus. Where would I be now without Him? I imagine a life of many accomplishments but no meaning. I imagine a life without many friends, possibly without a family. I imagine a life without the authentic and real relationships that I find myself surrounded by now. And I imagine a life without hope. No hope for today and no hope for tomorrow. I love the phrase a dear friend of mine uses to sign off on his blog each day (and of course he has no shortage of quaint phrases!!) - he says that "life is great...and I hope it is for all of you also." I love that outlook in life. And that is the story I find myself in this Christmas. No matter how busy, no matter how many challenges or struggles, no matter what financial worries may be looming, I can truly say that "life is great" because of my relationship with Jesus. Let's not forget why this life is truly great this Christmas (and yes, Holiday) season.

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John said...

And....not only as you stated in the last few lines, but Life is Great for this old man because of the wonderful friendship I share with you AND your family. A very Merry Christmas to you, Michael, and to your family......and I hope your Holidays are Happy and that Life continues to be Great for you!! I love you, my former student and my very good friend!!