Thursday, January 19, 2006

Who's Next??

The New Year has jumped in front of me like a bus you weren't expecting. Here's is a short list of some things that have happened in my life since my last post:

* Recovered from the preparation and execution of 4 Christmas Gatherings at Meadow Heights Church during the week prior to Christmas
* Experienced the joys of Christmas - Christmas Eve with my own family, traveled to Eldon for my wife's family on Sunday, then on to Sedalia to spend Christmas with my own mom. Back to Fredericktown the next day.
* Short trip (and I mean short!) to Colorado for two days of skiing with my son and friends. A FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE!! We drove over night on a Sunday, went skiing all day Monday, staying in a lodge overnight, went skiing the next day and then packed up and drove overnight back to Missouri - a 16 hour marathon in a van!
* New Year's Party with friends - the clock struck midnight way too soon!
* Recovered at work from the holidays - began planning for the New Year.
* Successfully manuevered the holidays with a college student at home. Took my daughter back to school this week as she prepared for her new semester - with lots of studying!! :)
* Began a new "Life Plan" with my wife that will hopefully engage our minds and tempt us into becoming intentional with our lives.
* Started our Life Group again this past Sunday - it was great to get together with friends again.
* Finally began reading again - Ordering Your Private World by MacDonald. I think I am finally ready for this book...and I need it.

What does the future hold next? Hopefully more posts...but only time will tell!

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