Saturday, February 04, 2006


I have finally had the opportunity to read again. I really miss it when I don't have the chance to digest a few pages each day. I just finished "Death By Meeting" by Patrick Lencioni. If you ever find yourself leading a meeting (or sitting through countless numbers of them!) I highly recommend this creative and intuitive look at the meeting world. It is a very quick read and extremely applicable and enjoyable.

I've started reading "Through the Painted Desert" by Donald Miller. If you recall my previous post, he is the author of "Blue Like Jazz," a phenomenally written tale of life near Seattle. Funny, witty, and relevant are three great descriptors. The book I'm reading now, however, takes a different look at life. This is one of Miller's first books, and while the writing is incredibly descriptive, it takes awhile to digest it completely. Miller crafts an interesting tale of his journey from Texas to the west coast in such a way that captivates the reader from the get go.

I love his point about how life is like a book. Everyday we draft the pages of our life book. Some of us have many pages in our book, others more, others less. We cannot change the pages we have already written, but we can choose to write our story differently each day. The key thought is many more pages do you have left to write? I find myself thinking about this more and more. The concept of life and what is left to live. Our "Life Plan" study at Meadow Heights has really opened my eyes to the "plan" of my life. Or at least the lack of a plan for my life.

I used to think that planning wasn't necessary. Existentialism was my daily mantra. "Live life to the fullest each day" was my motto. Freedom was my declaration, and planning only stood in the way of that. Maybe that's why God waited 33 years to capture my attention and wake me up from the solstice of my dreams. I wasn't ready to think about planning, let alone God's plan for my life.

But now I am increasingly infatuated with what the future holds. Developing a strategic plan for the goals I have seems to be a logical and necessary step. I have also found that there is power in writing goals on paper - getting those thoughts from my brain to the page holds great value to me. Now the challenge is actually following through with those thoughts. I love how Jesus tells us to "go" and to "do." Don't get me wrong, life is not always about those two words, but for most Christians it's the toughest challenge they face. It's easy to talk about Jesus, but much more difficult to LIVE like Jesus.

So the question to ponder is this...what are you writing in your "life book" today? And what will you write tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. And probably the biggest question is how many life pages do you have left to write? Don't waste another day of mindless drifting, and certainly don't wait for your ink to run dry. Craft a life page today that you will look back to with fondness and want to read over and over again.

As an avid musician for many, many years, I love the lyrics of a recent Casting Crowns tune entitled "Lifesong." It simply states this..."Let my lifesong sing to you." What great imagery!! And if you care to discover it, I hope you'll find my lifesong worthy of listening.

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