Monday, July 03, 2006

Consumed Concert 2006

Sorry for the lack of updates. We had a busy week getting ready for the "Consumed Worship Concert 2006." What a great weekend!! Not only did we feel God's presence with us all weekend, but the music teams were phenomenal and so many people came to worship with us! I really think this is becoming a crowd favorite at Meadow Heights (no offense to our lead Pastor!).

You might be interested to know a little bit more about this event, so I'll start with our gatherings. We have four identical gatherings each weekend (5:30pm Saturday, 8-9:30-11:15am on Sunday) with the exception of the music at our 8am gathering. At 8am we focus more on southern gospel music and hymns, and as you might expect, our average age in attendance is much higher than our other gatherings.

With that in mind, we asked everyone to vote on their Top 10 songs that were performed in the past year. We did provide a list of songs to help guide everyone, and to eliminate the sometimes crazy requests that we receive. Below is a listing of the Top 10 from both our "contemporary" and "celebration" gatherings:

10 You're Worthy of My Praise (Big Daddy/Barlow Girl version)
9 Much of You
8 Come Thou Fount
7 Your Love Is Deep
6 Who Am I
5 All Things Are Possible
4 Everybody Praise the Lord
3 Indescribable
2 Majesty
1 How Great Is Our God

We also opened with "Praise You With the Dance" and closed with an arrangement of "God Bless the USA" complete with all vocalists, musicians, horns, and video.

10 He'd Still Been God
9 Feelin' Fine
8 Just Over in the Glory Land
7 Power In the Blood
6 Because He Lives
5 God Is Good All the Time
4 Saved By Grace
3 Amazing Grace
2 How Great Is Our God
1 Hosanna (What the Lord Has Done In Me)

We opened this gathering with "Great Is the Lord' and closed out with the same arrangement of "God Bless the USA." It was interesting to note that the number 2 and 1 songs are more on the so called "contemporary" side of things, which may lead to the conclusion that people from all generations like music that really speaks to them regardless of the style. If the words communicate a good message and the music becomes the vehicle for that message, then I think most people have no problem with a style that might be a bit out of their "comfort zone."

I was really blessed this past weekend. It was great to see a team of over 30 folks come together and focus on one goal - worshiping God. He was our audience this weekend - we just happened to have over 500 people come along for the ride as well.

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