Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Full Throttle Experience

Okay. So, I was test driving a car on Monday - a car we are looking at for my daughter - and had an unusual, but interesting experience. My wife, son and I hopped in the car and started out on the four lane road on the business highway of Sedalia, MO. As we approached some traffic, I tried to slow the car down, only to find that the throttle had stuck full on!

The brakes would slow us down for just a moment, but as soon as I let off the pedal, we'd shoot off again. We finally found a "side" road and as we slid into a side road, I quickly turned the car off. Not sure what to do, I fired it back up hoping it had reset itself. No such luck! The car revved higher and so once again I turned it off.

By this time my son and wife are getting a bit anxious. I decided we really needed to get back to the dealership, so I turned the key and rammed it into reverse. WHAM!! We raced backward with a loud squeal and as soon as I hit the main road I jammed it down into drive and with more barking tires, we lept forward. At 60MPH down the main road in Sedalia, we quickly made it back to the dealership and explained our adventure. The guy knew exactly what had happened - a small plastic piece was cracked, causing the throttle cable to pull out of it's casing, and thus a "full throttle" experience!

Well, the short of it is this - we bought the car. It was a friend of my mom's and the price was a good one including a new windshield and new tires. I think we all need a "full throttle" experience once in awhile to get us out of our comfort zone.

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