Monday, December 11, 2006

An Enjoyable Dinner!

Saturday, my wife and I had occasion to attend the first ever Fredericktown High School Choir "Madrigal Dinner." HUGE props out to Lisa Lewis and her students for a very enjoyable dinner. We went to the luncheon performance (which, by the way, I heard had fewer "challenges" than the evening performance!), and were quite impressed with several things:

  • organization - you could tell the students had prepared very well for this event
  • food - for a school type dinner, the food was above average (except for the dessert - very small portions!)
  • costumes - by far the best part of the dinner - you could definitely tell that many hours were spent designing and creating the costumes
  • set design - from the costumes to the pictures to the instrumental performers - good concepts!
  • theme interpretation - I loved how the students stayed "in character" for the performance - they used "Ye Olde English" as much as possible, we had musical performers, jesters and the works!
Again, I was very impressed with the dinner, and for a first shot at a concept that is usually very foreign to our small town, everyone enjoyed the event! I can't wait until next year!

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