Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's All Good

It's always refreshing to be around someone whose heart is on fire for God. That was my experience today with a young man named "Sam." Sam's heart is on fire for God. He's bold but not brazen, passionate but not over-dramatic, dangerous but not reckless. In short, Sam is open to God's direction and not afraid to do whatever He asks.

I love what Sam said during our few minutes together:
If I attempt something for God and end up falling off a cliff, it will be good. If I attempt something and stay on the cliff, it will still be good.
Sam is not afraid to fail for God. I've heard it said that there are no failures, only experiments that didn't work. I hope God sees all of us like that.

I'll close with a quote from Erwin McManus (thanks for sharing this Bryan!) that sums up people just like Sam - may we all take a small piece of courage from the warriors around us!

“Let’s go and pick a fight. Perhaps God will help!” Jonathan
(as paraphrased by Erwin McManus)

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