Thursday, May 15, 2008

Say Hello to Mr. Toilet

I've made the statement before that two of the best places for creative thinking are the shower and the toilet. Don't ask me why, but I have a sneaking suspicion that those of us with kids know the answer!

Tonight's question:

Where's your best spot for creative thinking?


Keith said...

At the risk of ruining my reputation as a conservative old man...maybe that has already been done...I have to agree with the toilet philosophy. It IS a great place for study, reflection, and imagination. Probably like you say, it is sometimes the only place of solitude in the house. At any rate, a good place to have devotional material within reach, or even the Bible. You know, good stuff in...bad stuff out!

Lemon Princess said...

You guys crack me up!! I guess as a mom, no matter what form of nature if calling, the door is always open, so not much time for reflection or reading for the matter on the ol' commode! The shower is my #1 place of solitude and reflection, early in the morning (sometimes)while the kids are sleeping,but I also find that times when I really am "focused" on a project, be it cleaning the house or painting, is a great time to really work through all the things that are going through my heart & mind!! Love ya brother!

Michael Goldsmith said...

Ha Ha! Good comments Keith and Ragen! I knew more people used the bathroom for their (ahem...) "quiet time!"

Matt said...

I'll have to try the toilet out at work next week... wish me luck! :)

blogger_girl_24 said...

I'd have to choose a different place...
There's just something about nature that really inspires me.

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