Friday, May 30, 2008

TTJ Video Opener

I never got around to posting our "opener" video for the "Take This Job" series. We were within a few days of launching the series and some quick creative content was rapidly in the works!

Thanks to Steve for the initial artwork design and some ideas for the video. And of course, thanks to the "star" of the opener, the infamous Wilbur Leach!

We shot about 10 minutes of footage including some quick "stop time" stuff. It took a total of about an hour to edit, render and export. A quick idea that didn't turn out too badly. ENJOY!


Mel said...

I love the "Ivis video"!!
Great idea, that worked well with the series!

Keith said...

Me too. I always enjoy seeing someone from church in one of our videos...and this one came out great. Thanks (and thanks again for the help last night)

Stephen Emlund said...

and I thought you ignored my idea. I love that the sky looks the same in the series graphic and the video, overcase/washed out. I like the stop time. I can see Wilbur taking up acting.