Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Not For The Squeamish!

I had an unfortunate run-in with some glass yesterday. My wife had set up some candles for communion over the weekend and I was helping her remove them from some glass containers. One candle in particular was stuck in a long 10" glass cylinder, and when I pushed on the cylinder it completely exploded - directly into my right hand.

As a musician, my hands are an important part of my livelihood. Not that everyone's hands aren't important as well, but this is a major part of who I am so I was a bit concerned. After 17 stitches I hope things will heal properly and I'll be back to normal in no time. I'd appreciate you prayers that everything goes as planned.

In the meantime, I can't play my instrument (although I have a gig on Friday...we'll see...), I'm out of softball for a few weeks, my typing is very sucky, and most importantly, I haven't figured out how I'm going to wipe myself when I have to use the ole' potty!

For your viewing pleasure, I've included a few pics below.


Stephen said...

you did have to make them a huge size when you click on the photos. This would have been a good one to leave thumbnail sized. Even worse, it's lunch time! :)

Just practice soloing with the left hand. That's still like half the chromatic scale, right?

Lemon Princess said...

You did do quite a job on your hand Goldie! Wishin' you the best on the potty trick :-) Praying with & for you!!

Mel said...

Okay!! I didn't realize the photos were going on the internet!! More than most people probably wanted to see.

John said...

Tell Melissa that these pictures are MUCH better than the visual you left with me.....after a potty experience.

BUT...I was there a couple of years ago....and while it does "feel differently", it can be done with the left hand. Combing my hair and brushing my teeth with the leftie were really difficult at first!!

I'll try to call tomorrow....Wed.

Crystal said...

Ouch!!! The Buckman fam will keep you in our prayers...