Monday, April 24, 2006

Saturday (horn hit!) In the Park

For the first time in quite awhile my wife, my youngest daughter and I took some time to visit a local state park called Millstream Gardens. I talked briefly about this park last fall, but we took a new "route" this past Saturday that ended on a scenic overlook called the "Cat's Paw." What a phenomenal view!!

I have attached some pictures of the splendor of nature. It is very similar to Johnson's Shut In's, but much more secluded and pure in my opinion. We'll be back to take some family pictures very soon!It's nice to take a break from reality and experience the glory of God's kingdom. At first my brain resisted - I have too much to do, I don't want to get outside, etc. My wife can be persistent (I love this quality about her - it really pushes me out of my comfort zone!! I love you because...), and before I could process my comment, I had agreed to take this short day trip.

The mile hike seemed longer than it really was thanks to some winding trails, but what a beautiful day!! The trails reminded me of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee where we spent our vacation a few years ago - more beauty and wonder from nature. I forget all to easily why I love to be outdoors. My body and mind get so trapped in the "real world" that I forget my soul needs a break. Watching the streams of water helped to refresh me and "refill" my soul - just what the doctor (or in my case, the nurse) ordered. Thanks Mrs. G for reminding how much I needed the break!

I'll challenge you to take a break today. Put down whatever you're doing and walk outside. You might even need to run to the nearest exit. Others may wonder what in the world has happened, but you can simply shout back to them that it's time for a "soul break." Peace. Tranquility. Goodness. God always knows just where we can find it. It might be His way of giving us a quick glimpse of His love or what the party might be like after our this life comes to an end. Either way you look at it, it's a great way to bring "Up There, Down Here."

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