Thursday, April 27, 2006

Time Keeps On Slippin'...

It's funny how life can change in an instant.  You might go to bed one evening and wake up the next in a totally different world.  I've always been told that as you grow older time will go much faster.  It has been proven that time is not a constant but simply a variable that is navigated at an unnoticeable rate, but I can't imagine that time actually "speeds" up as we get older.  I will agree however, that the appearance of time moving faster is certainly true. 

I remember when I was young dreading many summer days simply because they "crept" along.  Do you remember those days?  And then the teenage years where the days seemed long but you had lots of things to do, so you lived in what felt like the "eternal party."  Then along comes marriage, college, a family, a career.  The responsibilities keep piling up and before long you've blinked and you're 30 years old.  I remember my 20's, but I certainly don't "remember" my 20's. 

In just a few short years I'll be approaching the 40 barrier.  Age has never bothered me, so I don't anticipate this next one being an issue either.  But what has me asking some questions is whether or not I've accomplished anything in those 40 years.  I don't think many of us will ever be totally satisfied by what we've done in life, but can we live with the "how" we lived in life?  I guess that's the stage I'm in now.  Sure it matters some "what" I've done, but at this stage of my life's journey it matters much more about the "how" I am living life.  Maybe 40 is a natural time to revisit that question. 

But then again, maybe today is the day to revisit that question.  What am I waiting for?  What are you waiting for?

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John said...

Just wait, young will SOON see just how quickly time DOES begin to fly by as you add on a few more years!!! "How" you are living your life now, and later, usually depends on "how" you lived your life up to this point in time. Your Life continues to evolve and to change as you live through soooo many experiences.....experiences of which each one brings on a different perspective to Life and the problems you encounter. I am living my Life much differently NOW than I did a few years ago......and it is the experiences, both bad and good, that have made the changes in the way I am currently living. Just live EACH day to the fullest and consider each day a total loss unless you have learned something new.....EACH DAY!!