Sunday, April 30, 2006

Maybe Al Gore Was A Genius!

My wife and I finally gave in and are now sporting internet in our home. We've used internet (or at least the old bulletin board system if you remember those days!!) since it's conception, but as we concentrated on our budget the past year or so, internet was quickly one of those "extras" that was sacrificed. We have been without internet in the house for over a year, although both of us have access at work.

At least once every week for the past few months I have had to run out to the office (or in the driveway of a nearby friend with a "hot spot") to download something or to check an important email. Talk about frustrating!! And with our daughter home for the summer and needing to do some research, we finally decided to take Al Gore's invention :) back into our home. Now with DSL readily available, we are speeding our way to a never-ending informational search.

Now we'll see if this helps me keep this blog up to date!!

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