Friday, January 25, 2008

My Own "Sagging Hulk"

I apologize once again for the lack of posts - only three in 2008!! After averaging nearly 5 posts a week in 2007, I'm going to have to get back on the writing trail to catch up! I'm also nearing the 500 post mark which I'm looking forward to as well.

Why the lack of posts? Besides the dreaded "B" word (busyness!) my trusty laptop is finding old age to be quite the problem. My battery has been going out for some time, and this week my fan started making noises reminiscent of the men's restroom at Wal Mart. On the very same day my power cord decided to bite the dust which led to my hard drive acting up and nearly complete failure. After three and a half years, my beloved Sony (and yes, I LOVE SONY machines!) and Windows XP Pro are slowly winding the path towards retirement.

By the way, I am rapidly becoming a MAC fan. After swearing most of my adult life that I would NEVER touch, let alone own a Mac, I am hooked. We are using two MacBook Pros in the Creative Arts department and they ROCK! So...if God allows, I hope to replace my "sagging hulk" of a laptop with a shiny new MacBook Pro! (NOTE: The MacBook Air looks awesome, but early reports put it well behind the MacBook in performance!)

So here's to a plethora of posts in the future - may they be well written and well read!


Mel said...

You can also use the antique version of a computer we have on the premises to post on your blog. Love you!! I've missed reading your "thoughts".

Keith said...

I am using a 9 yr. old Gateway. David and Steven are horrified every time they have to use it, but it still works. It seems almost everyone is slow about posting this if you are a blogger out there...get with it! I miss reading what is going on.

John said... CAN get those posts going.....just a little discipline on your part....hahha! I recognized the "sagging hulk" quotes....hmmmm.

Smiley said...

do you think if you ordered a MacBook Air, they would mail it to you in an envelope, like they showed when they unveiled it?

blogger_girl_24 said...

Nice fan vs. walmart bathroom scenario...haha. Can't wait to start reading your posts again!! I always enjoy them!
~Blog On!!~