Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Success Comes In "Cans"

One of the favorite quotes from my good friend John is this, "Success comes in cans, not can'ts!" How true this is! A positive mindset can truly make a difference.

There were many people who said we couldn't do it. Some who called us crazy. Some who even doubted God. But in the end, God worked through some ordinary people to build His dream called Meadow Heights Arcadia Valley. As of this past Sunday, we are now one church in two locations!

You can check out several photos here.

Thank you to so many of you who dedicated countless hours towards the completion of this project. A special thanks to Greg and Ragen Amelung for leading this project and giving their all to fulfill God's mission.

And finally a special thanks to Bryan for leading all of us as we enjoy this dream turned reality. We have taken the first step to impacting our world and I know it is only the beginning. I know that God has designed the plan, but He also needed a great leader to empower the rest of us. He made the right choice.

Meadow Heights stands upon a new day. We will never be the same and yet, we haven't changed. We will always continue to love God, love people and do our best to impact the world. We'll do our part and we'll let God take care of the rest. After all, He can do far more than we could ever imagine or guess or request in our wildest dreams!


Jo said...

Isn't it so cool what God can do when we let him be him?? I will never say never again when it comes to God doing something.

blogger_girl_24 said...

You know, as I read this blog post it reminded me a lot of Noah and the Ark. How the Meadow Heights church took on a BIG that seemed pretty crazy to begin with and just totally trusted God and said, "Okay God. We will do this." How people all around we're saying, "You're crazy!!" "Your never going to get this done!" "This is a ridiculous idea!!" just like they did as Noah built the Ark. Even though I wasn't able to go, I'm sure it was totally AMAZING at the AV site!! Thank you to everyone at Meadow Heights for saying YES to God!!!