Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Fight to Vote

I voted today. And so did you. At least most of us.

It didn't take long to vote. As a matter of fact, it took much longer to visit during the "before and after" then it did to actually cast my vote. Today was the day I realized that voting has become more of a social activity than a right we should be compelled to exercise.

I also realized something else. You may say you care about the issues, but the truth is that you really don't. Most Americans will wake up tomorrow and go on with their lives as normal. The election will be over and within a week it won't matter to you who you voted for or what issues passed or failed. Most of us care more about the fight than we do the cause.

I posed a simple question the other day...Obama or McCain: who should I vote for? The response was incredible...but not necessarily in a positive way. To be sure there were opinions flying everywhere...the fight was on. But I began to wonder...are people more interested in the fight or the cause?

Think about everyone you have engaged with over the past month. I'm betting that politics were discussed at some point. And I'm also betting that there were some passionate discussions that ensued. People love to voice their opinions and engage in a fight to defend them. But when the election is over and the fight is through, where will all those defenders go?

What if we spent more time worrying about the cause than the fight? What if we spent more time feeding those who are hungry and finding clean drinking water when only dirty water can be found? What if you woke up tomorrow and the fight you were so passionate about for a few days suddenly became a cause that you were committed to for a lifetime?

I challenge you to re-evaluate your priorities. Pursue a new passion. Take your fight and put action behind your words. Make indifference your enemy. Struggle. Dream. Live.

We will make a difference.


Anonymous said...

WOW!! THis is awesome. Thinking......
I always knew you were a wise man, but this is very wise and brave. I commend and thank you for the challenge.

Michael Goldsmith said...

Thanks for the thoughts Jamese, but I am far from wise. This is an area that I have been struggling with in my life for quite some time now.

I am usually quick to the fight (I love a good battle!) but once the fight is over I tend to lose interest. Do women struggle with this as well?

I know that guys typically like the quest...to conquer. I think that's why marriages sometimes fail...guys feel like there is nothing left to conquer. What they're missing perhaps, is that our bride still wants to be pursued every day! Sounds like fodder for another post!

Madeleine said...

I think you are underestimating the population. There are people who will move past the election before tomorrow morning, but the people I've been surrounded by know the issues, understand the issues, and care about the issues. And if things don't turn out the way they want tonight, they will not be alright with it tomorrow, or the day after, or a month after that, or two months after that.

we have campaigned and canvassed and traveled, and the long road is nearing a fork. I voted at 7:30 this morning, took an exam, and went back to the polls to volunteer. after tomorrow, when someone brings something up with which I don't agree, I will state my opinion in the hopes that they will consider a new side, because I will do the same.

If you give the world a little more credit, then I will too. (I did agree with your post, so you know. the world doesn't care enough come nov. 5) Lead by example and continue to care about the issues for which you voted. Happy election day!