Friday, November 14, 2008

Today's Poll: What Jobs Are Absolutely Necessary?

It's here. And you're feeling it. It's what some have called an "economic recession" and others have flat out called a depression. Whatever it is, many people I know have felt the pain. From losing a job to the panic of uncertainty about your job, in some way we have all felt the sting of this crisis. There's a lot of talk but very few answers.

All of the discussion has started my brain thinking (a dangerous proposition at best!) and I wanted to ask your thoughts on a specific question:

What jobs, if any, would survive if our economy totally tanked?

A fair question I think. What industry or job or the like would still be absolutely necessary if the economy ceased to exist as we know it?

I'd love to hear your response! Make a comment and we'll put it all together to find out what America (or at least our little corner of it!) thinks about this subject.


Crys said...

Education and Corrections. I feel that Wade can always teach. For my job.... Missouri is the only state that has each district offer PAT. It that does not change, I also feel safe. Even if it does... I hope I get moved around.I am very concerned about jobs in this current economy but there will always been the need for education. With Corrections... there will always be prisoners....

Goldenchild said...

That's a good one...

I think the first to go will be the union jobs... because they usually do.. Chrysler... ect.

Then I think it'll we'll go away with mom/pop shops... not built into big chain-linked stores.

I believe that education will last through... and anything dealing with technology.. OOO.. and gas stations... If people can pay $5 a gallon... they're probably going to make it.

But it's a tough one!!

Stephen said...

I heard that Wal-Mart has made 10% more profit recently and same with McDonalds.. so I would say cheaper stores and restaurants will thrive while upscale stores might not do as well.

I would hope that design jobs are necessary because designers provide a way for all businesses (even ones that are hurting) to reach the target audience and in turn make the business more money

Mel said...

I'm fairly confident that my profession in nursing would still be around. I can usually find a job without any problem....I could probably work 2 or 3 at a time if I wanted to.