Tuesday, August 30, 2005

How do you spell Anonymous?

I wanted to make a fairly bold statement to anyone wanting to make comments on this blog. While I am always open to comments, suggestions, oppositions, debate, direct fire, and all others forms of feedback, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANONYMOUS COMMENTS!!

In my opinion, if you are not able to take ownership of your comments, then don't make them. You can always email me directly if that is more comfortable. I do not, and will not, give credence to any comments where the owner cannot stand up for what is said.

Information can only be deemed credible if the source has established itself likewise. Otherwise information turns out to be gossip, or worse yet, a source of untruth and conflict. This is definitely not what Jesus had in mind, in my opinion.

So...from this point forward, you must be registered user to make comments on this blog. If you cannot work within that parameter.....THEN DON'T POST!!

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