Thursday, August 25, 2005

Living the Life

WOW!! That's all the words I can muster after the past week. It has been SO crazy! We did get Kayla to school and settled in. I have heard from her just about everyday - nothing like I'm missing you or stuff like that, but more like, "Dad, I have run into this...what would you do?" Questions like that. I forgot how overwhelming the first week of college can be.

The roller coaster has continued this week as well with the first full week of school. Seth has started 7th grade football which brought back not so comforting memories for me. I was in every sport imaginable in middle school (junior high for us old folks out there), but was pretty much horrible at all of them. I remember being deathly afraid on the field (the little I got out there in the game). Not to mention that I had glasses, and my mom made me take them off during the game so I wouldn't break them. Which meant that I was not only incompetent, but a blind fool as well. Geez!! Talk about a mess. I just hope he has a better experience than I did!

Okay...I had so many thoughts rolling around in my head, but as usual, my memory is failing me. I don't know if it is truly a problem, I am too busy and misplace the info, or maybe it wasn't that important to begin with. Who knows? But that is for another discussion!

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