Monday, May 01, 2006

Even Spiders Lose Their Way

Addiction. One word with huge implications.

Addiction. Life out of balance; beyond equilibrium.

Addiction. Control without controls.

I have always been what I have termed a "life-long learner." And therein lies the challenge. How to create the balance, the equilibrium, the control without sacrificing the value. It's amazing how much information is so readily available today. The internet has made gathering this information so easy. The challenge is not in gathering the information, but in discerning what is truth and what is not. Knowledge and discernment really go hand in hand - truth cannot be established without the presence of both.

And thus the challenge. I love learning. I love knowledge. I love the internet. Where else can an information "addict" get a fix worthy of the greatest Kings? I now have DSL in my home and for the past few days, I have not been able to think about much else. I don't want to cast the wrong idea - I use the internet in postive and constructive ways. It's just that once you find a certain piece of information, there are dozens of additional pieces available the moment you discover the first.

Some commonly refer to the internet as the world wide "web." Think about that for a moment. A web can be a networking opportunity that reaches far beyond one's own capacity. Or, a web can be a snare, an entrapment just waiting for its next victim. The internet fits both roles so perfectly. The never-ending quest for all information. With Web 2.0 now debuting, this quest will continue to spread in ways we have yet to imagine.

Can you imagine a world that is always connected? It's here, and it's now. Forget Chaos theory. The internet has provided a means for instantaneous connectivity. Any thing, any time, any where.

I wonder if God is like the internet. Always connected, always knowing. God is just one click away at all times. I like that thought. I mean, so many people are searching for the truth, when it's been right there the whole time. One click away.

So I close this post knowing that there is still information out there that I haven't discovered. And I'm okay with that. Balance. Equilibrium. God. Who needs more information when you already have the Truth?

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