Monday, May 08, 2006

A Different Flight Plan

WOW!! What a day of traveling!! We've finally arrived here in South Carolina at the Seacost Multi-Site practicum - BUT...only after much discussion and praying. We arrived at the airport early, or so we thought. As I tried to check in, I was told every so kindly by the attendant that our flight had stopped boarding and we would not be able to go down to the gate. It turns out that they had changed our flight time from 7am to 6am!! Our travel agent had not updated us, and I had not called to double check the flight. Does anyone really confirm times??

We were able to get "standby" passes to a later flight and waited our turn to see if any seats would open up on an already "overbooked" flight. Once everyone had boarded, the attendant informed us that two out of the four of us could go on the flight. After some quick discussion, Bryan and Mac jumped on the flight while Jeremiah and I waited behind. It was the only flight that would get us to our connecting flight in time.

As Jeremiah and I were talking about how we could possibly find another flight, the plane got ready to depart. The stewardess called Jeremiah and I over to the table, and much to my suprise asked if we wanted to "squeeze in" to this flight. As we began to go through the door, I heard the attendant talking to a fellow who had just walked up. He said they finally made it and that his two buddies were right behind him. The attendant said a few words and then I heard her ask him if he was getting on the plane because she was closing the doors. His buddies were not quite to the gate yet, so he said he couldn't board without them. She then told him it was too late and shut the door on him just as our backsides were heading down the ramp. Talk about God intervening and saving the day!!

Not only did we hop on a flight at the last minute, but we arrived to our connecting flight 30 minutes early, and have finally arrived at our conference in plenty of time to register and enjoy the day. I'll update more later as the day progresses!!

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