Monday, May 08, 2006

Multi-Site Conference Day 1

The first day of the multi-site conference is in the books. The day began at 2pm with the main session - a little music up front (the band was decent...a good lead singer, but the presentation was not great - especially the PPT operator!), then a panel of leaders in the multi-site field. An attempt at some "late night" humor fell quite short, but overall the main session was enjoyable.

Then on to the breakout sessions. Each of us went to a different session. Mine was on starting a campus in a distant location and was actually very interesting. Not a lot of new info, but a lot of specifics (especially monetary figures) that I had not had opportunity to gather.

So, Day 1 was a good day, but mostly global information. I hope tomorrow brings some additional info and some new insights as to where God is leading us in the very near future. Another update tomorrow!

Oh yeah. We ate dinner at a "smokehouse," and while the atmosphere was pretty cool, the food was just average. After our meal, we were craving a bit of the sweet stuff (that's not quite like me now is it? :), so we walked part of the historic downtown area to a dessert and coffee shop. First of all, historic Charleston is a very cool place to visit. It reminds me a great deal of New Orleans - older architecture, down south hospitality, and of course, great food. I had a latte and piece of "Tollhouse Cookie Pie." I am still reeling in the effects of so much food after many weeks of being "good" on a healthy diet. So much for keeping it safe on this trip!!

For now, a bit of the ole' "shut eye" as we prepare for Day 2 of the Multi-Site Revolution!

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