Sunday, May 14, 2006

Twister Part II

Have you ever walked into your house only to discover that Twister Part II had landed directly in the middle of your living room? (by the way, I love the movie Twister!) I don't know how it gets this way, because it certainly isn't me :) but those of you with kids will empathize. You can pick up the house, but in a few short hours it looks like a WWE Brawlfest - stuff exploding everywhere. The kitchen might even be worse, but we won't go there.

Okay. I have to admit it - I do laundry. I actually kind of enjoy doing laundry for some reason, but there are certain things about laundry that puzzle me:

* Why can't I ever find a match to each and every sock?
* Why does every pair of my wife's pants have one leg in and one leg out?
* Why do my daughters have twice as much laundry as everyone else?

...and perhaps the most challenging:

* How in the world do you fold a "nightgown?" I fold and I fold and I fold, but that thing never gets any smaller and it certainly doesn't fold up into a nice and tidy little bundle. Who invented those things anyway? Maybe I'll start "accidentally" misplacing them. But that's another story.

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