Saturday, June 17, 2006

From the Depths to the Dump Truck

I didn't have a chance to talk about my "Day from Hell" last week. If someone asked me to describe a day that could only come from the depths below, I'm not sure I could have described a day worse than my experiences last week.

First of all, we decided to have a "staff clean up day," which inherently sounds great, but if you knew how much "stuff" was hanging out in our storage areas (can anybody relate here?), you'd think twice. Needless to say, we cleaned out approximately two dump trucks full of old, used, broken-down, and no-longer-useful stuff from the basement area. TWO DUMP TRUCKS FULL! I have no idea how that much stuff fit into such a small area to begin with, but by the end of the day, we were all worn out, dirt-stained and ready to crash somewhere.

BUT...that's where my fun began.

Have you ever come home to find your wife digging in all areas of the house, and when you ask what she's doing, she let's you know about the "garage sale" you'll be having. Oh yeah...the garage sale. So upon arriving home after the day at church, I was politely asked to help set up tables, bring out miscellaneous items and finally, help price them. WOW! How could I be so lucky to be able to participate in two outstanding events in one day?

I have to admit, when things were all said and done, the end results were awesome. God really spoke to me about the value of organization and most importantly, to be able to get rid of stuff I've been holding on to for years. I'm a pack-rat by nature (can anybody relate HERE?), but during this whole process, I felt great about letting things go. I'm not there yet, but I certainly hope that this is a small "mustard seed" step forward.

So, does anybody know of a good "pack rat" recovery group?

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