Sunday, June 18, 2006

Glory Road

I love movies. The only problem is finding the time to watch them. Sometimes my brain needs a chance to unwind...a perfect opportunity for a bowl of popcorn and a good flick.

My family was getting ready to watch "Glory Road," and being a rabid sports fan, I decided to park my body for a few hours and check it out. While the movie itself had so many cliche moments, I couldn't help but to get caught up in the plot and likeable characters. If you like sports movies with "feel good" moments, then this one's for you. I liken it to a "Remember the Titans" for the basketball crowd.

One quote near the end of the movie stood out to me (I may be paraphrasing memory isn't what it used to be!). "No one can take your integrity away from you. It's always inside of you." I love that quote. How we choose to live our daily lives stands as a testament to our integrity. It doesn't guarantee that we won't make mistakes, but as I always told my students during my career as a teacher, "It's not how many mistakes you make, but how you choose to deal with them that matters." Integrity is about owning your mistakes. While I'm still working on that concept, I'm so thankful that God has given us all enough grace...especially when we stray from the "glory road" that He has provided!

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