Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Guest Blogger - Melissa Goldsmith

Let me start by saying I'm honored that anyone would invite me to be a guest blogger. It makes it even more special that it is a request from someone I respect and love dearly. I have had a couple of days to think about what I might write. It's pretty easy to whip things up and drop them on your own page. (I'm not even sure more than 2 people read my blog!) It's a little overwhelming writing on someone's page when you know a lot of people might read this. So here goes! I was asked to talk a little bit about how I started blogging and what it means to me.

Let me start by saying, my blog page was accidental. I had the opportunity to spend time with a friend I had not seen in years. When we parted ways she gave me her "blog address". I did know at that time what a blog was because Michael was blogging. Anyway, I checked out her site and was attempting to leave her a message and it asked me to have a login. I filled out all the info and before I really understood what was going on I had started my own blog. I really wasn't sure what I would have to say but right now I'm up to 29 posts and going strong! The evolution of my blog has been very interesting to experience. My blog address is, that phrase has been my anthem of sorts for 2007. I started the year really wanting to grow in my relationship with God, my family, and my close friends. In January I sat down and wrote out my Life Plan and in March I started my blog. I went back last night and read several of my posts. I realize I am a very emotional blogger. I'm not sure if that's more a female perspective or it's just my personality. I love writing about how God's growing me as a person. One particular post stood out. I wrote it right after I returned from the Women of Faith Conference. The impactful point of that post was a verse I read during my quiet time. It rocked my way of thinking even though to anyone else it might have been such a small detail they wouldn't even have noticed. The verse said, "They agreed they were in this for good, completely together in prayer,
the women included..."(Acts 1:12,13) I have spent my whole life with all this crazy baggage about never measuring up to people's expectations. That verse was like a lightning bolt, a catalyst for change. It gave me a strength in ministry I had never experienced before, it said women were included. My husband will tell you I say what's on my mind. That's true! I'm thankful to have my blog be a positive outlet for who I am. I feel very strongly that God's preparing me for something down the road. I've had opportunity for spiritual growth over the last several months and I have taken it all in no matter how painful or difficult.

I promised God and myself that when I started this blog it wouldn't be a place for me to rant about things that made me unhappy. It would be a place where I would be honest and vulnerable. It would be a place to share information and life. To me it has been a blessing and I realize that my blog was not "an accident". See, God knows my heart and my gifts and where my strength is. He knew that I would be careful before posting anything, unlike my mouth which blurts out things sometimes before I can stop it. I read posts a minimum of 10 times before I post anything. I'm obsessive about writing, it has to be correct. Thankfully that gives me the time I need to get my thoughts in order. Even if I am the only person that reads my blog I realize how okay that is. Going back and reading my posts again showed me where I've been on this journey and what I've learned. I love that there are some really amazing women that are blogging. I get some great insight from their words. Women in ministry like Nancy Beach and Kim Meyer. Women I live life with like Elaine and Ragen. An exciting new discussion blog called "Church Planting Wives" was started by women to help empower women whose husbands are in ministry. It's a whole new world! I'm excited to stand
beside my husband and look forward to what God has planned for our lives.

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Lemon Princess said...

Awesome blog sister! I loved it & I DO read your blog faithfully! I love you and thank God for the encouragement you are in my life! Thanks for the info. for wives of church planters. I'll check that out! LOVE YOU!!