Friday, September 08, 2006

Fall = Football

It's that time of year again...FOOTBALL SEASON!! I love football. Actually, I love most sports, but football in particular is one of my favorites. Even though I live in Missouri, I have been a HUGE Denver Broncos fan since I was about 7 years old. Good ole' Craig Morton! This weekend our own St. Louis Rams will be facing off against my Broncos...I'll try not too squeal to loudly as my Broncs put a whoopin' on the Rams.

My family and I attended our local football game tonight (which we won by the way!). I'm used to going to the games - I used to be the band director for a period of five years. Friday nights were a given. Since then I have traded my Friday's for the weekends! My wife was the Flag Director for four of those years as well, but has recently "retired' from that duty. This year has been particularly tough for her as she is not with "her girls" and has to watch them from the stands.

I was particularly struck tonight by the numbers of people at our games. If we continue to win, they'll stay. If not, the crowds will slowly dwindle. What hit me the most was how each person there had their own story. I would scan the crowd from person to person realizing that each of them came from a different lifestyle, a different view of God, a different perspective on the world. It became very apparent that the "church" has a large challenge ahead. If we are ever to see the reality of an Acts 2 church in our community, we have to keep working hard to build relationships. Relationships with people, the school, business, the community and so on.

That's one of the reasons I'm so excited about what Meadow Heights is praying boldy for in the future - to "impact our world" (notice we're looking beyond ourselves) "by leading changed lives" (lives changed by Jesus) "into an increasing number of biblical communities" (that's the heart of an Acts 2 church). We are really focusing on preparing the way for Jesus to invade everything that we do. There's nothing new with experiencing Jesus inside the church...what's radical is sharing those experiences with others on the outside. And that's exactly what we're preparing to do - become radical followers of Jesus.


Jo said...

Nice Post. Combined 2 of my favorite things in one post...Football and M.H. Thanks for sharing some great ideas.

David said...


Before the game I probably would have agreed with you.

How about those Steelers even without a QB?!?!