Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It's a Small World After All

It's a small world. We first met Dave Ferguson at the recent Multi-Site conference. On Dave's blog a few days ago he mentions a link to a blog that lists the Top 5 leadership books every leader should read. Naturally with that headline I immediately clicked over to scour the list. Little did I realize that the link was to none other than Mark Howell.

"Mark who?" you ask? Mark Howell was our first liason and coach to a small groups cohort through Life Together that Brett Eastman started just a few short years ago. While we developed our own strategies and Mac has since taylored those specifically for us, Mark and his team were instrumental in creating a base line for us to tweak, develop, ask questions, and streamline to fit our current "Life Group" structure. Bryan and I also had opportunity to fly out to Southern California to meet Mark and his team.

The long and short of it is that Mark has recommended 5 leadership books that all leaders should read. I have only read one of them (okay, really none...I have only read part of Good to Great and skimmed most of the rest of it - I guess it's time to pick it back up again!). I am an avid reader, although lately it seems that my reading time has been marginalized. I guess I have a new "list" to get started on.

While there are many categories of books, I want to focus on the leadership quadrant for just a moment. If you had to list your top leadership books, which ones would you choose? Post your list to this blog or email me. I am curious to know how similar Mark's list will be to all of yours. Here's to more reading!

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David said...

It has been some time ago but I have read "The Four Obsessions of an Extaordinary Executive". It was a good book.

I have it if you would like to read it.