Monday, March 05, 2007


By the way...can anyone tell me why sometimes my posts are double spaced, but other times they are single spaced?? This is driving me nuts!! I can't wait to officially launch my new blog...stay tuned for more details!


Stephen Emlund said...

It seems to be an issue with the user :) Check your HTML for each post and see if there is any formating that is different in the double-spaced posts than in the single-spaced ones

when I click on an external link on this website, your domain name stays in the address bar while I'm on the other website. Probably from the frames that are reading your blogger site

Anonymous said...

It's not the user . . . it's Blogger! I've noticed that it happens to mine after a numbered list, bulleted list, or quote. I haven't taken time to figure out why, but it's driving me crazy!!!