Thursday, March 22, 2007

TAG...You're It!!

I love how Mark Batterson describes church - it's a "tag team sport!" Here are his thoughts:
Church is a tag-team sport.

When you walk in, you tag me and say "go for it." And with the help of our creative team, I try to preach what God has put in my heart with as much creativity and authenticity as I can.

When you walk out, I tag you and say "go for it." And every NCCer is responsible for sharing their faith with everyone in their unique circle of influence. By the way, I read somewhere that the average person has 68 people in their circle of influence--family, friends, colleagues, roomates, etc. Not sure who came up with that number or how! But when I think about our potential impact as a church I don't think in terms of the people who actually attend. I think of our collective circles of influence!

Average Attendance x Circle of Influence = Potential Impact
Who are the 68 people in your sphere of influence? Can you imagine if the 650-700 people that will be at Meadow Heights Church this weekend became intentional about reaching their sphere of influence? We can absolutely rock the Parkland!! TAG, YOU'RE IT!!

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