Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Multi-Site Resolution

We announced a few weeks ago that Meadow Heights Church would be launching a second campus by the end of 2007. This past weekend we announced our 2007-08 Strategic Plan to the entire church family:

Objective 1

To adopt and implement a multi-site strategy as a means of realizing our vision to “impact our world by leading changed lives into an increasing number of biblical communities.”

Objective 2

To launch a second campus.

Objective 3

To position our present campus for continued growth.

Objective 4

To acquire the necessary resources to fully implement the strategic plan.

There is much work still to be done before any of our strategic initiatives can be fully realized, but we are steadily moving forward. Our multi-site vision will become a reality! Here are some interesting statistics from the book Multi-Site Revolution:
  • In 1990 there were only 10 multi-site churches in the U.S. Today 33% of all churches are currently considering the multi-site option.
  • In 2000 only 5% of all mega churches in the U.S. had multiple locations. Today 25% of all mega churches have more than one site and experts are predicting that by 2010 that 50% of all mega churches will be multi-site.
  • Currently 7 of the 10 fastest growing churches in the U.S. are multi-site churches.
  • Currently 9 of the 10 largest churches in the U.S. are multi-site churches.
While Meadow Heights church may not fit all of the categories above, we are in the unique position to make an impact on our communities - small town communities. There are very few if any churches focusing on smaller communities (5000 or under). It reminds me of the Blockbuster strategy from a few years ago. Blockbuster had dominated the larger city market for quite some time, but felt the need to increase revenues. Their solution? To open a Blockbuster store in every community they deemed as "small town" - those numbering around the 10,000 mark. They accomplished a great deal of this goal.

What Blockbuster realized was that small town America is not that different from the larger metropolitan areas. People are still people. And last time I checked, God still cares about people. If Meadow Heights can fill this void in some manner and allow God to use us to reach smaller communities, then we are ready and willing to say "God. Yes. Amen." Some might call us crazy, some might call us a "niche," some have even said it can't be done.

We just want to be obedient. We'll do what only we can do, and we'll let God do what only He can do.

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