Monday, March 26, 2007

Regional C3

I spent the day at the Regional C3 Conference from Fellowship Church. The hosting church was Faith Church in Fenton, MO. As always, it was great to hear Ed Young speak. He is a funny fellow, with lots of quirks and definitely his own style. Through the many jokes, he gave 10 reasons to be creative, as well as several great thoughts on delegation.

After lunch (a HORRENDOUS veggie burger from Ruby Tuesday's - NOT recommended!), we headed back for two breakout sessions. Session One - Worship and Media. I was really looking forward to this breakout, but unfortunately the staff member from Fellowship gave a more global philosophy of why we should worship God. I was hoping to hear some specifics on HOW Fellowship organizes their worship and media ministry, best practices, etc. We did get a few samples clips of several media projects, but only at the very end of the session when most people were leaving.

The second breakout was on assimilation, or more specifically on volunteers. Again, a good global session, but nothing really new. The best takeaway was the "volunteer tour" where a tour is given of every ministry - in action! I thought this was a great idea, and certainly a fantastic way to give people a glimpse of the different ministries available. By following up with "next steps," this is certain to increase the number of volunteers.

Overall, a great day to get away with the staff, but without a lot of new information. We're entering the stage of our organization where we have a specific vision, a focused mission, and the need to contact SME's (subject matter experts) to help us move to the next level. One thing is for sure - there is MUCH work still to be done!

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Stephen Emlund said...

We now have a Ruby Tuesday's in Kirksville, But Patterson's closed.
The service is always really slow, it took 20 minutes to get the check after we finished dessert. And the first we were there, They brought everyone's food out and told me "We had an incident with the Bison Burger, it will be out in a moment"....