Friday, April 27, 2007

Dreams, Designs & Developers

In a follow up to yesterday's post, I want to give props to three people who have been helping me with our graphic design. These guys are very talented in their own right, and have contributed a great deal to our creative team.

(1) Joe Clauser. Joe was on staff at Meadow Heights Church for approximately 7 years (did I get that right Joe?), but also served as a volunteer long before that time. Joe created most of our early graphics, and when I came on staff he really helped ease my transition to the team. I appreciate his dedication and effort in all tasks that he undertakes - he is a definite workhorse!

(2) Stephen Emlund. Stephen is a former student of mine and a pretty darn good saxophone player! He has been attending Truman University and studying graphic design and development in several other areas as well. His skill level has grown tremendously in just the past two years!! Stephen is a class act, and his designs are quickly catching the eyes of many developers.

(3) Tim Smith. Tim is the owner/operator of Unique Ink in Fredericktown. I've only known Tim for the past few years, but let me just say up front - you won't find a better guy to work with! He has some incredible designs - very creative, unique (thus the name!) and eye-catching. Not only does he have a great graphic sense and style, but he is also an accomplished bass player and singer. Quite the talented guy!

Behind every creative concept are the artist who turn dreams into reality. I appreciate each of these guys and the talents they bring to the picture. Here's to dreaming with you!

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