Monday, April 30, 2007


Emilee and I watched Freaky Friday today - twice. Not the old school version with Jodie Foster, but the 2003 Disney remake. I had forgotten how much fun this movie is! It also brought up some of the classic communication issues that parents and teens struggle with - but in a very humorous way. Does anyone else see a bit of themselves in the movie?

I love how the actors portray each other in the "switched" bodies. They do such an amazing job with the body language, expressions, etc. I started wondering what it would be like to switch bodies for a day. If you had that opportunity...who would you want to switch bodies with?


Anonymous said...

Good for you Michael! Any Dad that would sit through the same movie twice with his daughter is right up there with me. I remember it well...only it was Nadia.. :)

Erica said...

And it was WAY many more times than two...probably twice a day for a while. Love ya Dad! You're the greatest!