Friday, April 13, 2007

A Moment's Notice

I'm having a quiet few hours to myself tonight. I'm in St. Louis to be one of many judges for one of the middle school/junior high music festivals. Yeah...eight straight hours of saxophones. What more could a person want?

It's been a crazy week. It took a full day (and more) just to recover from our Easter gatherings at our local high school. Then I was asked to officiate the funeral of the mother of my good friend John. I've never officiated a funeral before, but I need to say that it was truly an honor to be able to do this for the family. It was an experience I'll never forget. In the same day (and only thirty miles away) my father-in-law was having heart surgery. Quite the hectic day!

So I'm taking a moment to catch my breath, read a few blogs, watch Survivor online, and contemplate life in a moment's notice.

Thanks Mel, for helping to hold me together this week. You walked with my heart in your hands and brought great comfort to my restless soul. You are truly my warrior princess!


Mel said...

It is a great honor to live life with someone that respects and loves not only me but all people. I'm grateful and I think you know how important you are. In my mind you are exactly what it means to be a "real man". Thank you for being an amazing example to our children of how they should want to live their lives; like you do with integrity and kindness. I love you!!!

John said...

My most sincere thanks and appreciation for the incredible job you did at my Mother's funeral services!!! I returned to F'town and have now returned to Eldon for the funeral of my high school best friend. No matter where I go, I am told by those I meet that were with us on Thursday that you, Mike, "did the best job at any funeral I have ever attended". I agree! You captured her spirit, her love of Life, and her love for her family so wonderfully. What you said and did for me and my family this past Thursday will never be forgotten, Mike! THANK YOU!


Chrisha said...

Thank you again Mike, for doing such an outstanding job at my gram's funeral. Words cannot express just how important it was to me and my family be able to attend that funeral knowing that it would leave everyone there with the spirit of loving life the way she embodied while she was here on this earth and you, Mike, were able to convey that to everyone in attendance. I just will never be able to repay you for the service you provided for my grandmother. I love you and Melissa and again, thank you so very much!!!!