Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It Is Finished!

It is finished! Those are some immortal words...but now I get to share them as well. After nearly two years, I have finally finished my very first reading of the Bible. Now this may sound like an easy feat, but my first Bible (given to me by my friend Derrick) was quite a challenge to get through.

When I first started asking questions about God, I had many pages of notes and thoughts. I love the fact that God is not afraid of our questions. Anyway, I had thought that I needed to be reading the New King James Version of the Bible. There is certainly no issue with reading this translation, but I can now say that I probably would not have started with this translation (for the record, I'd probably have started with the NIV). Not only is this a NKJV, but it is a John MacArthur study Bible. I loved reading this version because MacArthur provides detailed notes and explanation on most passages. While I did not agree with every single commentary, his explanation of certain passages (especially historical background) were invaluable. This did however, lead to a major increase in the time needed to completely digest this version of the Bible.

But I AM FINISHED!! Finished with this translation, but eager to start the next stage of my journey. I am very interested in Greek and Hebrew, and I would like to start looking into at least one of these two languages and doing some translations of certain passages myself. If anyone has any recommended resources, please email me or leave a comment. I look forward to the new path ahead!!

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Jo said...

Way to go!!!!