Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sanjaya or Bust?

For those of you who may be interested, Chris Sligh (former American Idol contestant) has a blog where he talks about his experiences and gives his insights on the current competition. You can also check out his band while you're there.

I'll go on record by stating that Sanjaya will NOT win American Idol. I've heard all the rumors, the speculation, the "vote for the worst" sites, etc. Sanjaya is only on the show at this point because the votes are still too spread out. Mark my words, Sanjaya will only be around for two more weeks. Next week I look for Phil to get the boot - not because he isn't a good vocalist - but he doesn't have a great public draw. The judges don't have too many kind words for him either.

Once the votes aren't as spread out, Sanjaya will go home. It probably won't be next week, but the week after...look out. It will be his time to go and America will celebrate. It will also depend on what type of outfit Haley comes up with in the next few weeks (thus the fitting title, "Sanjaya or Bust"). Once Haley and Sanjaya are gone, at that point that the competition will get intense. It will suddenly become a very real contest. There's no doubt that Melinda is the best vocalist, but her sheepish smile and occasional shoulder shrug have really started to turn me off.

Best performer and entertainer? Blake Lewis.

What will the future hold? Only America knows, but I see a Blake vs. Melinda showdown in the near future. But until then, it's Sanjaya or Bust.

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Stephen Emlund said...

Sanjaya reminds me too much of michael jackson. I'll be home this weekend for Easter. Is there any chance you'll be breaking out the saxophone (kenny g style) for the Easter services at MH?