Monday, October 15, 2007

An AMAZING Weekend!

The title says it all! After a week of installation we finally debuted our new technology system at Meadow Heights Church this past weekend. A HUGE shout out to all those folks who pitched in to make everything happen! Our Creative Arts team is phenomenal and we had so many people who gave their time and energy the entire week.

Thanks to Dustin, Joseph and the entire crew from Ford Audio Video - they worked countless hours all week long to get us ready for the weekend. Thanks to Jeremy, who leads our LiVE! Team and who spent all day Saturday helping install and troubleshoot and for getting our music team ready. Thanks to Matt - BIG TIME! - for coming in early (and all day!) Saturday with his MacBook (ours didn't come in!) and getting our entire video system up and running (including the resolution!) for the gatherings.

Thanks to Craig, who leads our Finale Team, who came in all day Saturday to get our new digital board ready. He had to reset the entire stage, every channel on the board and then tweak out every vocalist and instrumentalist before 3pm!

I'd also like to thank Krys - who ran the new light board all weekend, Scott - for helping Craig and learning a great deal of the sound board himself, Kayla - who rescued all of us by picking up a much needed cable in St. Louis to get our presentation software running, and finally to Melissa and her team for not only getting the visual arts ready, but for taking care of all the Creative Arts team by feeding us food and of course keeping us awake with Red Bull!

There were so many people who made this happen that I'm sure I missed someone. A huge thanks to Bryan, our lead pastor, for believing in the dream called Meadow Heights and for believing in me just a few short years ago. The vision is becoming a reality right before our very eyes!

We'll be posting additional details this week as well as streaming our Imagine Video complete with animation of our Arcadia Valley site plan. We'll also be spending the week "tweaking what's weak" and developing new systems that will hopefully allow us to acclimate and train our volunteers very quickly.

Until then, here' s to catching up on some sleep!

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Chris said...

Hey Michael - I think I saw your comment on Tim Stevens' blog so I thought I'd come by and say hi. I like what you've got here so I've added your blog to my reader. Looking forward to following along with what you guys are up to!

Rachel said...

Michael-everything looks awesome! I am so sad I am missing it. I can't wait until I can come back and visit again. I will be praying for you guys!

Michael Goldsmith said...

Thanks Rachel! It has been a blast (and a lot of hard work!) and we are excited to watch God work through our new technology.

Make sure to stop by and say HOWDY when you're back home!