Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Strange Envelope

A strange envelope arrived today from "Christopher" in Richmond, VA and was addressed to my wife and I. Inside? A pair of work gloves and a note from someone we have never met before that stated that he had been working with Habitat for Humanity and these were his work gloves. Now he wanted to pass them along and asked us to look for an opportunity to help someone in need.

A "Pay It Forward" moment? If you haven't seen that movie, as soon as I saw the note in the envelope I was reminded of that concept - receive a favor from someone and then pay it forward by doing a favor for someone else.

Has anyone else ever received anything like this? Another God opportunity perhaps?


Keith said...

Do the gloves fit? I have a couple of projects..... :)

John said...

Had I read this earlier, I would have let you mow the yard, using those work gloves!!!


Lemon Princess said...

That is AWESOME!! I too have a couple projects :)

Michael Goldsmith said...

You guys are funny! :) At this rate, I'll never get done using those things!