Saturday, February 24, 2007

Blogging In the Forest

Seth Godin poses an interesting question on his blog - "If no one reads your post, does it exist?" This is similar to the old adage, "If a tree falls in the forest..." Why do we write? There are very few blogs that have an active readership, so Seth's question is a valid one.

Here are my reasons for writing "Bucketology":
  • It's an outlet for me to describe how God is affecting my daily life - as I mention in the description, they are snippets from my life experiences.
  • I have never enjoyed "hand writing" in a journal, log, or other paper method. I enjoy leveraging technology in an effective way.
  • I enjoy sharing what other's have written. What a great way to give props to the creative thoughts and ideas of others! Blogs are an incredibly effective way to learn a lot of information in a short period of time (unfortunately, because of Seth's insight, a lot of great information is buried in "cyberspace.")
  • It's a way for me to leave a legacy for my family and future generations. Granted, it might not be much of a legacy, but it's mine, and for some reason, my family enjoys getting to know me.
Even if no one reads my blog, or reads it once and doesn't enjoy it, it's still a great way for me to "empty my head" and process what's going on in my life. A blog doesn't replace personal relationships or communication, but sometimes it's difficult to strike up a conversation at two in the morning!

So, is anybody out there reading this blog?


Anonymous said...

Funny you should ask Michael...I do read and enjoy your blogs..and use the links you provide many times. There is a missionary in Taiwan who asked the same question. She just began a blogsite and wondered if anyone knew..her site is ...check it out and let her know. One of her blogs has some good pics of the area...Thanks...Keith

jtinnin said...

Absolutely I read it. You open me up to blogs, people and the inner workings of your brain...which I might as is a bit scary! :-)

Oh, and if you want to know if anyone is reading it....just stick a good dose of Google Analytics in it.