Monday, February 26, 2007

Hit the Shower!

Tim Sanders hits on a topic I've posted on before - why your best thinking is done in the shower. Each and every morning I take a hot shower while my brain begins to percolate and ideas start to flow. I've always said that most of my best ideas have originated in the shower.

Here's what Tim has to say:
When you shower, your body produces chemicals such as DHEA, a powerful enzyme that boosts your ability to leverage your brain's capacity. I've visited a tech R&D lab that had showers as part of the bathrooms just because of this phenom...Take your shower at a time when you have loaded up your head with today's problems to solve. We get dozens of those a day. If you shower first thing, do your daily do list and circle the ones that require problem and solution thinking.
Tim addresses this further in his book, "The Likeability Factor." I haven't had time to read this book yet, but it's on my short list.

When do you do your best thinking? What types of things do you do to generate ideas?

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Stephen said...

my best ideas come to me before I fall asleep. This means that I usually dream about them or forget them by the next day. For my graphic design classes, I usually can never come up with great ideas when I'm in the class.. I guess the presence of other design students just stunts my creativity..

Check out for my latest web design project for class. I spent about 15 hours in two days trying to get this done on time.