Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Gone But Not Forgotten

A good friend of mine, Steve Marchbank, had this thought on his blog today:
Isn’t it amazing how we go through life, and make connections and form relationships, and then time goes on, things change and people and paths diverge, and those thoughts/feelings/memories are sort of ‘stored’ – not forgotten – until at some point in the future, it may (or may not) be referenced or called upon?
Steve and I went to college together and had some great times playing jazz there as well. Then we both ended up in Columbia, MO where we continued to gig on a regular basis (remember good ole' CC's Broiler?). Steve is not only a phenomenal jazz guitarist, but a gifted pediatric physician as well.

Needless to say, Steve and I lost touch for the past few years until a few weeks ago when we reconnected. During that time, both of our lives changed in very significant ways. His insights above really struck my heart tonight. What paths will we cross today that God may bring back tomorrow?

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