Monday, February 05, 2007

The Leadership Challenge

A phenomenal post today by Gary Lamb. He describes the transition he and his church (Ridge Stone Church) have been going through as they continue to grow. He specifically mentions the leadership transition that happened as their church grew from 500-700 people which is EXACTLY where Meadow Heights Church finds itself today.

We are also in the middle of much transition, mostly in terms of systems and processes, but along with that comes structure and organization as well. Our lead pastor, Bryan, is also working through the "leadership challenge" or as we have fondly come to know it as the "3 month leadership experiment." I am pumped about nailing some of these things down (although I don't enjoy the process to get there!) and know that we are doing exactly what God is asking us to do.

There are some exciting changes upcoming - stay tuned for future updates!

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Stephen said...

Hey Goldie, I just went to a leadership conference (LDC) for college students at Holt Summit, MO. John Fream and Matt Kearns spoke throughout the weekend. Matt Kearns was a great speaker and presented some great insights about leadership. Truman's BSU staff went and we had some team building times where we could talk about where the BSU is headed and if we were on the right track. The weekend was pretty amazing.