Monday, February 12, 2007

A Life Worth Living

My youngest, Emilee, turned four on Saturday. We had a great time hanging out, had some cake, presents, etc. Then we went for lunch and finally ended up at the bowling alley. It was Emilee's first time to bowl and she had a blast! Many times I take for granted all of the wonderful experiences I have had, and I simply forget that my kids have not experienced some of the basics of life. Bowling is only one example. Last spring I flew a kite with my son. He had never flown a kite before.

I wonder if many of us who would claim to follow Jesus take our experiences with Him for granted. Have we forgotten what that feels like? Is that why we forget that others haven't had the same incredible life changing relationship that we have experienced? Has anyone else got caught up in the "I'm only looking out for me" so let me do everything I can to get my "own" experience moment? We do everything we can to "accomplish" something, only to forget about it within a few moments of our achievement.

Has God become that forgotten achievement in your own life? Has it been relegated to an event that happened rather than a relationship that happens? And what does that matter if we don't help others find that same joy? You've heard the expression that "he who dies with the most toys wins." What if we lived life by a different mantra..."he who dies after sharing the most toys wins?" A trite saying? Perhaps. A life worth living? That's for you to decide.

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