Thursday, May 24, 2007

Crazy Little Thing Called...Life

As promised, it's been a crazy week. Here's a quick mind dump:
  • Prepping for teaching this weekend - it's kickin' my butt!
  • Watched the finale of Heroes - I was disappointed in the closer - was anyone else? The ending was a let down for me, but then again, I was expecting an all out brawl!
  • Watched five minutes of American Idol on Tuesday and Wednesday - congrats to Jordin; she deserved to win, but Blake rocks!
  • Watched "On the Lot" - Fox's new show. I'm a HUGE film buff and enjoy shooting video as much as the next guy, but this show stunk it up. It won't last. If you're still interested, you can click here and check out the submitted videos.
  • Played 7 holes of golf today. Yeah, you read it right - seven holes. We simply ran out of time.
  • If you missed the big announcement last weekend, we're going multi-site!! We looked at 15 or so buildings in the Arcadia Valley area today - a few possibilities!! Stay tuned!
  • Jason and Jamie's wedding is tomorrow - it should be a good one!
And finally...

I'm heading on vacation for two weeks starting Sunday afternoon!! YIPPEE!!! The family and I are heading to Orlando to visit our oldest daughter who is interning at Disney. She's hooked us up on some tickets and some friends of ours have a condo down there so we are all set! I'll post pics from the road for all of you die hard Disney fans!

I could use some prayers to make it through the rest of the week and weekend. It's like this every year as I get ready for vacation. As a matter of fact, I would hazard a guess that it's like this for most people when they get ready for vacation. It's hard to get ready and hard when you get back, but I'll sure enjoy the time in between!


Jo said...

I will be sending one up for ya. Have a great break.

Stephen Emlund said...

I was happy with the Idol results. Although the Finale was all over the place.. I was annoyed that they brought back some of the "bad" singers. It took all the attention off Blake and Jordan. I was hoping all the past Idols would do a song together... but that didn't happen. I laughed when I found out how Paula broke her nose... maybe I shouldn't have.