Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Turning Negative Into Postive

It's tempting to talk about other people. It's VERY tempting to talk about other churches. Especially in the negative. I've heard lots of people talk about Meadow Heights - both in the positive and the negative. Most of the time, they are giving their "opinion" based on what they've "heard" and not what they have experienced.

Has this happened to you? Has someone said something about you personally that had no foundation or basis? Does it feed your soul or devour it?

Craig Groeschel (LifeChurch.tv) has some great thoughts on this subject - Postal Pastors Part 2. A few thoughts of his really stood out:
  • Before long, church leaders are criticizing, gossiping, and feeding a growing and unjustified, self-destructive anger.
  • The most insecure leaders are those who have to criticize everyone else. Deal with your anger. Deal with your jealousy. It isn’t pretty. It isn’t helpful. It doesn’t honor God.
  • Remember, if we are preaching Jesus crucified and risen, we’re on the same team.

If you find yourself quick to comment...slow down, breathe in and remember that life is too short to be fighting ourselves and each other. Focus on turning the negative into a positive. You do what you only you can do, and trust God to do what only He can do.


Mel said...

Okay, I'm hearing you this morning. I needed this one too. Love ya!

Jo said...

Very good point. It is way to easy to start the ball of negativity going. I like the slow down part. I cant count how many times I wish I would have slowed down before speaking.